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3D Printed ceramic solutions by Robocasting Technology

Products and Services

Robocasting is the leader in Additive Manufactured ceramic filters for investment casters, supplying solutions to our customers for over 18 years.  This new filtration technology of Printed FiltersTM has proven to increase casting yields over traditional filtration by providing very consistent flow, customized to the requirements of each casting.  Printed FiltersTM internal geometry utilizes high-strength material that are resistant to mechanical degradation and ‘crumbs’, eliminating casting inclusions due to the filter itself.
The versatility of Additive Manufacturing allows for a wide range of sizes and shapes and relatively quick response times for new designs.  The automated nature of the manufacturing process allows for very competitive pricing at high volumes while allowing for very detailed design efforts in the initial exploratory phase.  Customer support and continual research-and-development are priority to Robocasting.

Our engineering experience includes advanced materials deposition techniques, colloidal science (powder dispersion), automation solutions (machine design and development), complex-geometry part fabrication, and materials troubleshooting.  Robocasting is currently active in ultra-high-temperature ceramics and composites manufacturing, absorptive materials, and catalytic systems.  The flexible technology has been utilized in many other applications where discreet deposition of materials is required.