VA Technology Limited

Manufacturer of shellroom systems and equipment

VA Technology Ltd
Halesfield 9, Telford TF7 4QW UK

VA Technology has 35 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of shellroom systems and equipment.

Our product range includes:
• Slurry tanks
• Sanding equipment
• Rapid drying systems
• Slurry preparation systems
• Dust collection systems
• Environmental control systems
• IC-series robots for automation
• Integrated shell management systems

We have facilities in the UK, USA, China, and representatives in Brazil, Korea, Japan and India allowing us to provide worldwide customer support. At VA Technology, you have access to the expertise of our Engineers and Technicians. We support our customers remotely, or onsite, to ensure our equipment is performing at its best.

VA Technology – UK
Halesfield 9
Telford TF7 4QW
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1952 585252

VA Technology – USA
30355 Solon Industrial Parkway
Solon, Ohio, 44139
+1 (0) 440 589 6700

VA Technology – China
1824, No8 Tianshan Road
New District Wuxi 214028
+86 (0) 510 8522 3730